lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2011

In Time

This film presenst us an original point of view about a concept which rules all our lives, the time. Leaving the truisms apart, “In Time” gives to the time itself, a new value, a value which may not be fair since it turns it into an unnatural element which tyrannizes the fates of all the characters of the film. The time is not treated as a part of the nature that exists in everything, isntead of that it turns into a kind of currency exchange that measures the lenght of the lives of all the people involved in the story. However, despite having such an interesting focus about the human destinies, the film lacks some reality when it comes to the way the events unfold.

The film takes place in a fictitious city in the year 2116. In this near future the human beings have been able to supress the gen which makes them age, therefore they are immortals. However once they turn 25 they instantly die due to a heart attack, and the only way they have to avoid the death is to get more time for themselves by working. The time has become the global currency in the world and it is shown in the biological watches all the humans have in their forearms. This leads to an uneasy context where all the people live in a cruel system where they have to fight to keep themselves alive at any cost, by working under unfair laws or by stealing other people’s lifetime. William Salas, a man who lives in one of the poorest ghettos of this city will try to find a way to destroy this system in order to free all the people of the world.

The main idea of the film is quite interesting, and it makes the watcher feel nervous while they see how the main characters time runs out, nonetheless that’s the only attractive part the film has. The rest of the features of the story are filled with comercial stereotypes and cliches which turn the film plot into a really predictable joke. William is the typical charming guy who has a phrase for anything that happens, and besides that everything he plans turns out the way he wants, including the part where he meets the pretty woman of the tale. None of the characters end up in the watchers minds by anything they did or the way they looked like, since all of them are really empty when it comes to personality terms.

In few words, “In Time” is the perfect film you could watch if you want to have some fun one of those tiresome Sundays at which there is nothing to do.

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