domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2011

Coronado’s best return ever

We are probably facing what we could deem as José Coronado’s best character performance, yes, we are talking about “No habrá paz para los malvados”, the latest film the spanish actor has starred. The film comes along with a great storyline which has several plot twists which nobody could ever imagine, besides that, the film counts with an enviable cast of professional spanish actors. Although we are talking about a film that has not spent too much money in special effects, it is yet able to keep us down on our seats with it’s perfectly woven story.

This is not the first time Jose Coronado breathes life into a bad mannered policeman, as we could see in the film “La distancia” where he worked on with his spanish companion Miguel Angel Silvestre. Nonetheless, this time Coronado has been able to connect with his new character, inspector Santos Trinidad, a man with a troublesome past, and not a better looking present. Despite what the majority of the people could think about such a dark character, inspector Santos Trinidad shows himself as the perfect hero counterpart, a person with human features, a man with his own problems, a man who doesnt necesarily have to meet the pretty girl at the end of the film after vanquising all the villians, as we are used to see in the american films. The emphasys he puts into the threatening sights he throws to everyone, or the perfectly well actuated drunkenness that enables him to keep going on with his goals in the film, make Coronado deserve the title of the best performed character of his whole professional trajectory.

Enrique Urbizu´s work takes us to the modern Madrid, where Santos Trinidad works tirelessly in the case of a colonbian gang of drug dealers. The inspector meets different characters during his investitagion, characters that will help him and some others who will try to drag him into the hell, but always leaving on the witness the sensation that these people have more intentions besides the ones they show. These basic ingredients, which may not be what the average watcher would like, are able to create an atmosphere full of stress and mistery without the need of unreal martial art fights, flashy explosions or huge weapons.

In simple words, this is the scheme the modern spanish films should follow: a charming plot, charismatic characters and a veritable story tied to the reality.

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