domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2011

The key to the current economic crisis

A serious film which tries to give some answers about the origins of the economic crisis that strikes us today. That is the description “Margin call”, a film which counts with a great cast of actors such as Kevin Spacey, Demi Moore, Paul Bettany or Zachary Quinto. The whole story is filled with a suffocating atmosphere of tension which highlights the severity of the subject treated in it.

Margin Call takes us to the headquarters of one of the biggest businesses of the United States, located in Brooklyn, New York. The business is obliged to fire most of it’s workers due to thefinancial difficulties it’s going through. One of those workers, Eric, entrustes the investigation he was working on to on to one of his colleagues, Peter, before leaving the business. Peter soon realizes about the huge hole the business has created in it’s own financial system, and he swiftly warns everyone in order to save

their heads from the black future which draws near.

The film introduces us to a small group of charismatic characters with great salaries who dwell the world of the high finances. The characters, who have been interpreted in a really well way, reflect that dangerous plane on which only the strongest people survive. We will get to know the human side of some of these men and women despite the crude world the work in, and with them the values of the human ethics.

The only downside of the film is the fact that the dialogues contain economic terms which may not be understood by some of the seers. Besides that and knowing future the film leads to, the end of the story is yet somehow diffuse.

Margin call may not be one of those great films which touch our inner feelings, but it is indeed an enlightening story with throws some sense to the economic turmoil we are in these days.

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